5 non -obvious secrets of success

Interrupt, procrastinate and bring people to tears. And do not forget to eat with your left hand, calls the business consultant Rochit Bhargava. This will help to think faster, act more efficiently and become a person with whom everyone wants to communicate and cooperate. How it works? 1.Crust more Result: We keep up with To […]

Anxiety: unpleasant, but useful

We all sometimes worry-someone more often, someone less often. But usually we do not think about the positive side of anxiety and that it can be different. What is the basis of anxiety and how to use it for the good? Clinical psychologist Mary Lamia talks about the types of anxiety and what it can […]

Deep breath: breathing gymnastics against stress

In moments of serious emotional experiences, severe fright or nervous tension, our breathing is strayed, becomes rapid or heavy. To take control of the situation, you just need to take a deep breath, according to Dr. Herbert Benson. In the 1970s, Cardiologist Herbert Benson noted that yoga, meditation and taichs-practices that help fight stress-pay a […]

When there is too much control in the relationship? 11 signs

Some rules and agreements in relationships are necessary: they create a sense of predictability and stability. But sometimes one of the partners seeks to completely control the life of the other. What is hidden behind the desire to dominate and affirm their power? Our intention to control what is happening in life is understandable and […]