Russia’s fundamental information

Russia, the largest nation in the world, encompasses the entire north second of Eurasia, including 11 time zones and a wide range of situations and topography. The longest river in Europe ( Volga ), the deepest lake, teeming rivers and forests, Europe’s highest peak ( Mount Elbrus ), towering mountains, breathtaking volcanoes, and the Arctic tundra are all located within its borders

120 tribal organizations call it home, many of which have Slavic lineage. Religion has survived and is still a significant aspect of life for the majority of Russians despite being oppressed during the Soviet time. Despite the fact that the majority of people are enlightenment, Catholic Christianity is the most common religion. In daily life, religious symbols are everywhere. For instance, the Moscow Metro is adorned with saints’ pictures, and it is customary to hang a blanket on the roof to silent your home.

Similar to the West, the state construction includes a premier secretary and lower-level Cabinet posts. The excellent minister and different cupboard members are chosen by the president, who also has one year to submit propositions for administrative meetings to the State Duma and Federation Council for approval. State Duma, the lower house that is instantly elected, and the Federal Council, which is the lower house, make up the legislature nature of the government. The Supreme Court, the Court of arbitration, and neighborhood judges each have judicial authority. The Supreme Court serves as the top courtroom in the legal system.

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