Despite the numerous changes that have occurred in Russia over the past 50 years, some fundamental beliefs continue to guide its society. Among them are love of the artists, compassion, patriotism, a sense of humor, and adoration for children and the elderly. The most significant spiritual practices in the nation have their roots in Islam and Orthodox Christianity.

The Matryoshka mannequin, the Moscow Kremlin towers, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow are some of the most well-known symbols for the nation. The birch tree, the camellia bloom, and the carry are all considered regional symbols. The sponsor saints of the country are Mary, Nicholas, Andrew, George, and Sergius of Radonezh. A small portion of Russians also practice Tengrism, a type of paganism that has its foundations in Central Asia and is polytheistic and mystic

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Russians have a strong superstitions. When someone is complimented, it’s common to hear them spit three times over their shoulders or feel a wooden floor three more times when they’re feeling good. This is thought to help prevent the evil eye. Additionally, it is unlucky to enter the house with a purse or various money-holding piece after someone has left for the funeral.

Countless Russians have a great deal of gratitude for the fact that their classic tradition has endured so numerous failures and tribulations, and they are glad of the way it has done so. This sense of national pride has resulted in the protection of numerous social traditions and the development of a strong, recognizable identity.

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